"Bernheim-Jeune publisher of art books since 1906, published the first book in the world about Cézanne in 1914, as well as Bonnard in 1922, ..."  to find out more

Available editions


Catalogue raisonné of the painted work

by Jean & Henry Dauberville

4 Volumes

Volume I, 2nd edition  Price: 700€ ; Volume II, III Price: 1450€ ; Volume IV Price: 1150€ 




Henri Matisse chez Bernheim-Jeune

by Guy-Patrice & Michel Dauberville

2 Volumes

Two inseparable Volumes Price: 380€


Amedeo Modigliani chez Bernheim-Jeune

by Guy-Patrice & Floriane Dauberville


Price: 260€

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Catalogue raisonné of paintings, pastels, drawings and watercolours 

by Guy-Patrice & Michel Dauberville

5 Volumes 

Volume I Price: 300€; Volume II Price: 400€ ; Volume III Price: 440€ ; Volume IV Price: 480€ ; Volume V Price: 530€