MATISSE, Chez Bernheim-Jeune

Image above © BJ-Exposition Matisse, Tableaux du Maroc et Sculptures chez Bernheim-Jeune, 1913


Volume 1


- Souvenirs :

  • Excerpts from «The Battle of Impressionism» by Henry Dauberville
  • Excerpts from «By framing the Century» by Jean Dauberville

- Contracts with Bernheim-Jeune Henri Matisse

- Some letters of Henri Matisse M.M. Bernheim-Jeune *

- Catalogues and invitation cards special exhibitions or group of works by Henri Matisse at Bernheim-Jeune

- Catalogue of the exhibition Henri Matisse in 1931 at Georges Petit - (subsidiary of Bernheim-Jeune)

- Catalogue of works listed - N°. 1  to N°. 260


Volume 2

- Catalogue of works listed - N°. 261 to N°. 798

- Books published by Bernheim-Jeune on Matisse:

  • Nice 1921
  • Paintings of Henri Matisse 1922-1923

- List of works listed

- Alphabetical works

- Concordance between N° stock Bernheim-Jeune and N° works listed

- Concordance between N° photos Bernheim-Jeune and N° works listed

- Index of names of the first collectors cited


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