Henri Matisse chez Bernheim-Jeune

Guy-Patrice & Michel Dauberville

Josse and Gaston Bernheim-Jeune were the first to recognize the quality and promote Matisse’s work. From 1909 till 1926 they had Henri Matisse under contract. After 1926 they continued to keep a privileged relationship with the artist, regularly buying his paintings. They also exhibited and photographed many paintings and drawings that they did not buy themselves.

The 2 volumes of the Matisse book are indivisible. They include contracts of the gallery with Henri Matisse, letters, invitations, catalogues, and selections of catalogues of 67 personal or group exhibitions at Bernheim-Jeune, where his work was exhibited. The first exhibition took place in 1907.

The 2 volumes record 798 works that are known to the Bernheim-Jeune gallery. Most of the photographs are black and white glass plates dating from the early XXth century. This is why this book includes only eight paintings in color. Most of the works are reproduced in large format. Each volume contains more than 700 pages. Format: 23cm X 33cm.

Discover the Contents of Volume I & II 

Image above © BJ-Matisse Exhibition, Paintings and Sculptures of Morocco at Bernheim-Jeune, 1913

Volume I & II (inseparable), Price: 380€